Satori is a Japanese term for awakening, comprehension, understanding.

Zen tradition associates Satori with the experience of “seeing into one’s true nature”. Satori can be described as a moment of profound recognition, a knowing of what IS.

The focus of the participants work in the Satori Process is finding the answer to fundamental life questions:

“Who am I?”

“What is Life?”

“What is another?”

These questions are contemplated very much as one would focus on a Zen Koan (a question, problem or riddle, that admits no rational answer).

The answer lies beyond any concept the mind can come up with, unveiling a new perspective, free of any beliefs or judgements. Satori moments are never forgotten – from then on you know, from your own experience – who you are.

Life is never quite the same again.


Each person receives a specific life question to focus on, starting with the most fundamental question of all: “WHO AM I?” 

Participants then work one on one with various partners to enable them to focus and explore the question in a communication meditation.

The Satori process – as a multi-day retreat, weekend workshop or online – is structured in such a way that it enables you to work with your question continuously and undisturbed.

Apart from the communication meditations, the daily schedule includes intervals of contemplation during walks, light work and exercise, all carried out in silence.

You will be mentored throughout the group by Rafael Ebner and a team of assistants.

In addition, each participant will have regular private meetings with Rafael during the week to receive individual support as they work with their question.


Deep insights into yourself

While the focus of the Satori process is to allow a peak experience, it also provides a microcosmic look at basic life patterns and attitudes. This can be illuminating and deeply clarifying, and the insights can be applied in everyday life to significantly alter your self-awareness.

Exploring who you are will involve looking at the myriad ways your conditioning has affected you and continues to affect all aspects of your life.

You will realize how identified you are with deeply ingrained beliefs, and discover that you can operate from a wholly different perspective.

A place of self-empowerment and responsibility.

A place of presence and self-nurturing, an understanding of who you really are.

Time for “You”

The structure of the process is designed to create an undisturbed space, allowing you to deeply immerse yourself into the work with your question.

This time is exclusively reserved for you, everyday decisions are taken off you, so you can use the rare opportunity of a space that is held specifically for you to discover and explore…

Detox, Refresh, Reset

Mental Detox:

The communication exercises at the core of the Satori process can be compared to a mental detox.

Verbalizing everything that arises on being asked your question in front of a present, silent listener is a powerful ingredient of the process.

It allows more and more clarity, literally cleansing the mind.

What remains, is the essential, true Self.

Physical Detox:

The delicious vegan meals served during the group are prepared with care and love, and along with temporarily giving up caffeine, alcohol and electronic devices, your detoxification is supported on a physical level as well.

The Group Energy

We are social beings, and authentic and honest relating is an essential, vital need.

It is an exquisite and unforgettable experience to spend this week with a wide variety of likeminded people, connecting on a basis of total truth and support.

Sharing who you are, opening up to receive what is shared by others – listening, and being heard in turn –  is rare and precious.

And the shared moments of laughter, tears or just silence will remain with you long after the group ends.


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  • I’ve done quite a few retreats – but if I had to choose only one to do for the rest of my life, it would be this one.

    Boris B.

  • To me, the Satori means everything. It means feeling the raw, unadulterated truth, and knowing the unfathomable beauty, perfection and completeness of every little moment of this experience called life.

    Ronny C.

  • It feels like coming home. I highly recommend working with Satori to anyone who has the opportunity.”

    Iva Samina

  • The Satori experience was a realignment with what is/was most truthful for me, and in so doing had the world work better for me. I rediscovered a more honest and powerful desire to just live. And, I do.“

    Seth A. Grossman, Ph.d

  • The Satori group is one of the most powerful ways to look deeply into yourself and discover what you have always been seeking.

    Ryan S.