13th – 15th December 2024
at your home  – Online

The online satori will take place via zoom.
It was a very positive realization that in spite of the restrictions brought about by the Pandemic, closeness, intimacy and deep work with our Satori questions can also be accessed online.
In our regular online Satori meetings, we have repeatedly experienced how constructive and transformative the support of a group of like-minded people works – even when communication takes place via screen.
This pre-Christmas weekend offers you the rare opportunity to work intensively and with a lot of support on your Satori question.
As in the longer Satori retreats, communication phases will alternate with scheduled times for quiet contemplation of your question during walking or other off screen meditation periods.
Our online seminar is also suitable for beginners who start with the initial Satori question “Who am I?”:
With changing partners, you can get to the bottom of your question here.
In order to ensure a smooth start, an introductory talk with the seminar leader Rafael Ebner is a prerequisite for participation for satori beginners.
During the seminar or afterwards, Rafael will be available for individual interviews to support you with your Satori question.
If you have never worked with Zoom, we will be happy to help you with technical questions.
You will see it is really easy!




Friday     6pm – 9pm

Saturday 9:45 am – 7pm

Sunday    9:45 am  – 1pm

If you can’t make the whole Weekend (e.g. due to your Time Zone), you can join us for a half-day of Satori practice!


full weekend: 160€

1/2 day: 50€


Esther Norman
Phone: + 49-30-693 6299
Mobile: +49-177-502 7503


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  • I’ve done quite a few retreats – but if I had to choose only one to do for the rest of my life, it would be this one.

    Boris B.

  • To me, the Satori means everything. It means feeling the raw, unadulterated truth, and knowing the unfathomable beauty, perfection and completeness of every little moment of this experience called life.

    Ronny C.

  • It feels like coming home. I highly recommend working with Satori to anyone who has the opportunity.”

    Iva Samina

  • The Satori experience was a realignment with what is/was most truthful for me, and in so doing had the world work better for me. I rediscovered a more honest and powerful desire to just live. And, I do.“

    Seth A. Grossman, Ph.d

  • The Satori group is one of the most powerful ways to look deeply into yourself and discover what you have always been seeking.

    Ryan S.